BSides Tampa 2024

Synops will be attending the 2024 BSides Tampa. BSides Tampa is an Information Technology Security Conference supported by the Tampa Bay Chapter of ISC2. We are a 100% volunteer-organized event, put on by and for the community.

The purpose of BSides Tampa is to provide an open platform for Information Security industry professionals and enthusiasts to collaborate, exchange ideas, and develop long-standing relationships with others in the community.

Where did BSides come from?

BSides is a community-driven framework for organizing and holding information security conferences, a concept that began in the US in 2009. Because the call for papers that year for Black Hat Vegas was oversubscribed, a number of quality speakers were rejected—not because of lack of quality but of lack of space and time. Those unable to present decided to hold their own conference on the "b side."

Since then, many BSides events have been arranged in several countries throughout the world. BSides has come to be known as a conference by the community for the community. Events are generally inexpensive to attend and rely heavily on sponsorship to pay for the venue and other costs.

Because BSides events offer smaller, more intimate networking atmospheres and breakout discussions, they foster strong audience participation and overall group interaction. They create opportunities for individuals to both present and participate in an atmosphere that encourages collaboration.

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